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Our Story

Established in 1992, Shilpa Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a Government of India recognized Export House. From humble beginnings, Shilpa Overseas evolved over the years and is now a second-generation led manufacturing company specializing in a variety of leather products such as travel goods, handbags, wallets, other small leather goods and a unique selection of items in the hospitality range.

Shilpa Overseas Pvt. Ltd. successfully continues to make strides in process efficiency, product innovation, thought leadership and sustainable practices. With a passion deeply rooted in the historic tradition of leather goods manufacturing in West Bengal, India, the company produces a diverse range of products from timeless classics to contemporary, bespoke pieces.

Grounded in artisanal culture, we bring you the luxury of real leather goods crafted by our home-grown artisans with love and care. We celebrate their versatility through a plethora of designs that are a testament to their creative and technical capabilities.

Real Leather Goods

High-end Machinery

Sustainable Sourcing

Handcrafted by Artisans


Shilpa Overseas Pvt Ltd. has three international standard manufacturing facilities with a total production capacity of 100,000 bags and 300,000 small leather goods and accessories per annum. Keeping in mind the future scalability potential of the leather goods industry, a fourth facility is currently under construction (completion - Q2, 2023). This will provide an additional production capacity of 50,000 bags & 100,000 small leather goods & accessories p.a.

With quality production and execution being our number one priority, we have assembled state-of-the-art machinery in every manufacturing facility to ensure that  we use the best to make the best. Our machinery is sourced from Germany, Italy, Japan and other front-runners of the machinery industry, such as - Adler (stitching), Juki (stitching), Atom (Clicking), Camoga (Splitting), OMAC (embossing, inking, etc.) and other high-end units required for efficient execution throughout production.

Research & Development

Design & Sampling

Quality Control Management

Supply Chain Efficiency


Research & Development

The dynamic nature of the leather industry sustains only those who are willing understand and adapt to it's ever-changing environment. In order to anticipate and adapt to customers' needs, we conduct research around-the-clock on current, emerging and expected trends in demand.

Our administration staff consists of 15 employees including a leather technologist and an in-house designer. A dedication to progress and staying relevant is the driving force behind our consistent product innovation and sampling procedures. Establishing efficient communication lines with our clients has allowed us to, not only keep up with trends, but stay ahead of them.

At Shilpa Overseas Pvt. Ltd, our ideation process is at the core of our design innovation goals. This allows us to build on the quality of our goods and our processes with the help of thorough industry research and creative development.

Price Point Sourcing

Process Inspections

Logistical Competence

Supply Chain

Shilpa Overseas Pvt. Ltd. works with a trusted network of certified suppliers and companies to ensure end-to-end efficiencies in products and processes. Leather and non-leather materials are sourced from, both local and international, markets. All inputs into the production process are obtained in compliance with REACH standard protocols and as per country-specific requirements. 

Leveraging the services of globally recognized logistics companies, like EUSU and MOL, we are able to deliver our uniquely handcrafted leather goods by sea and/or air, in a timely manner. 

Clean Water & Sanitation

Health & Wellbeing

Employee Welfare & Ethics

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Quality Management

As a member of the Council for Leather Exports (CLE) and the Indian Leather Products Association (ILPA), quality control and maintenance is our primary focus. Shilpa Overseas Pvt Ltd. is also REACH compliance certified through Intertek along with  Quality Management System & Social Compliances through TUV Rheinland.

Quality is multi-dimensional. We pride ourselves in attributing quality metrics to every stage - from production to shipment. Raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods are all rigorously inspected at various sub-stages during production. Machine maintenance is monitored on a timely basis. Tests are performed at various stages to ensure functionality and adherence to required protocols. Additionally, preventive measures (ex. fungal treatments, silica gel packs, etc.) are duly followed. Extensive documentation is recorded on quality tests performed to further our attention to detail.

Quality is a wholistic concept. We pride ourselves in maintaining conditions that encourage gender equality, women empowerment, a healthy environment, clean water, an efficient sanitation system and overall employee welfare. In addition, all health and safety measures are reviewed periodically including emergency situations.

White Fabric

Certifications & Affiliations

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